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Natural Healing Radio

The world’s only 24/7 natural healing station based on BIBLICAL principles. 





Naomi Striemer Show Touches upon various aspects of health with wit & humor
SCRIPTURE Health Everything from Jesus’ miracles to practical tips of health
Counseling Hour Dealing with improving the mental outlook of healing
Creation Hour Nature brings peace of mind through plants & animals
Nutrition From cooking tips to nutritional principles
Exercise Outdoors and indoors the value of moving
Water Internal and external uses of fresh clean water
Sunshine Explores the daily benefits of sunshine in moderation
Temperance Overcoming tobacco, alcohol and obesity
Air Fresh air benefits from outdoors and indoors
Rest From Sabbath rest to proper sleep is a key to health
Trust in Divine Power Knowing the Lord is the Great Physician
Music Easy listening contemporary music to revive your spirit
Music Inspiring classical music to soothe and comfort
Organic Foods Why organic produce is worth paying extra for
Comedy A merry heart does good like medicine
Environmental News The latest in the slow winding pathway to earth’s demise
Herbal Remedies Herbs are examined for their healing propensities
Alternative Remedies Healing through massage, charcoal, spirulina, etc.
Vitamin Therapy Vitamins contained in foods and supplements to heal
Discoveries in Medicine Key moments in history which changed the world