Natural Way Radio

The world’s only natural healing station based on Biblical principles.  Shows include Nutrition, Exercise, Water (internal and external), Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Proper Rest, and Trust in Divine Power.  There is a Creation Hour featuring the decline of the earth’s ecology.  Herbal remedies, vitamin therapy, alternative healing and the history of vital discoveries in medicine.  This music-driven station presents genres of music blocks in contemporary, country, classical and blues.



Want to know what’s on and when? Keep reading:


TIME (Eastern Standard)

Naomi Striemer Show 12:00 AM
Scripture Health 1:00am
Counseling Hour 2:00am
Creation Hour 3:00am
New Start Health 4:00am
New Start Country 5:00am
Naomi Striemer Show 6:00am
New Start Contemporary 7:00am
Counseling Hour 8:00am
New Start Contemporary 9:00am
Creation Hour 10:00am
New Start Contemporary 11:00am
Naomi Striemer Show 12:00 PM
New Start Country 1:00pm
Scripture Health 2:00pm
New Start Contemporary 3:00pm
Counseling Hour 4:00pm
Creation Hour 5:00pm
Naomi Striemer Show 6:00pm
New Start Contemporary 7:00pm
Counseling Hour 8:00pm
New Start Country 9:00pm
Native Health Hour 10:00pm
Soul Touch Hour 11:00pm